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Pilot Road 2's


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I called my shop today to have them get some Pilot Roads for the RT. They said the warehouse was backordered on the fronts, but that they could get the Pilot Road 2's. So I am going to try a set. I suppose this means they are generally available in the U.S. now.

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Unless you ride a R1100RT like me wave.gif........I am under the impression that the 18" rear tire size we need for the R1100 won't be available in the Road Pilot 2 until next spring. I was really disappointed because I wanted to try them out. I ended up ordering another set of Avon Storms instead. I only got 7500 miles out of the first setvof Storms, and wanted to see if the Road Pilots would give me a little bit longer life. Oh well, maybe next year.


I shot a few emails back and forth with SW Moto Tires two weeks ago and they told me that the original Road Pilots were all listed as backordered because they are going to be no longer available now that the Road Pilot 2's are being produced.

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I just ordered a set today from swmototires.com for the RS. We'll see! I've been using Z6s since I bought the bike, like them, but wanted to try something new this time around. I'm tired of the way the Z6 rear squares off, and with no center tread to gauge. I'm hoping the dual-compound PR2 will wear more evenly when faced with my commuting vs weekend fun rides.

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