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A Weather Heads Up........


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It's soooooo hot here....... I saw a dog chasing a cat today, and they were both walking. laugh.giflaugh.gif


Fridays temps were 113 with 44% humidity, followed by high winds. 40mph ++

Todays temps 115 with 30% humidity, no high winds yet. Late Edit: the TV just flashed the same storm warninig as yesterday. I'll be watching lawn furniture fly by any minute now.


Folks headed to Gunny thru the Vegas area need to be aware that we are having an early monsoon season, bringing high temps, high humidity, and at times, quite viscious winds. This weather can take it's toll in a hurry if you're not prepared for it. At the least, you'll make it thru here & on the other side, & wonder why your so wrung out. Please take care to take care. Cooling foods and lotsa water are the order of bizz. Make sure your bikes, tires specifically, are in order. A breakdown out here can be quite hazardous. These temps are only 'sposed to climb for the next week or so, so be safe out there. wink.gif


See you all safely in Gunny in a week. cool.gif


Yea Wurty, I'm wearin' my 'Stitch wink.gif

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Dances With Roads

What you need boy is piney flavored cool high mountain air.

Pure prana.

Do you like thunderstorms?

Love this AirRider Gleno. Can't wait to see what the anal among us did with all those wires...

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I ain't afraid of no stinkin weather.

The heat would be more tolerable with my anal beads if your done sitting on them Gleno tongue.gif


a little something to help cool the tool.

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If the weather is wet while we are in Gunnison...is there anywhere we can all go...where we'll all fit.....so we can jabber away? Is there a pavillion at the KOA large enough to hold us?


Do we have a "in case of heavy rain and you want to find everyone...look here" place to go?

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Dances With Roads

Here in Seattle if we weren't out standing in rain, we wouldn't be outstanding.

If it's raining you all are invited to our KOA Kabin.

Ceegars and koneyak will be served...

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Rain? What's rain? If by some STRANGE chance it rains while we are in Gunnison, it will probably be a passing thunder boomer. They last typically last mabye 20 minutes? There is a pick nick shelter that the KOA is "dedicated" to us, it will fit maybe 30-40 people. Be cozy, make your buddy smile! All of the folks from this part of the world will be out dancing in the rain, so we won't take up any shelter space.

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Yeeha! Stephen

"Do we have a "in case of heavy rain and you want to find everyone...look here" place to go?"



They should take us to city hall or maybe the Governors mansion and give us all medals for helping to bring on an end to the drought.



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