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Please Read: Hell's Angels, Fires, and Liability


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Update on the Hell's Angelscolor=red>


Any of you that have been reading the various posts are aware that the Hell's Angels will be holding a rally right after ours in Gunnison. Obviously we didn't know this when we picked Gunnison as early as last year, but there you have it.


Clear, accurate information is probably the best antidote to paranoia (well, medication helps, too! smile.gif), so here we go. I was the point person, but many others have had a significant hand in this (Fernando, Mike, David EB, Dick, etc.).


I've sent written introductions to all the appropriate contacts in Denver and Gunnison. This includes the Sheriff, Chief of Police, City Manager, Head of the Chamber of Commerce, the FBI, and the US Attorney for that district. The letter explained who we are, what we are doing, where we are staying, and gave them full contact information. It also invited them personally to our "opening ceremonies" on Monday morning at 7:30a.


I then spoke at length with the Sheriff, Chief of Police, City Manager--and left messages for the others. At least three of them will be at our Monday breakfast, and I'll introduce them when appropriate. I've asked them to introduce themselves to me when they arrive, so if you see them first, please direct them that way.


Some of the conversations were quite detailed. I'll summarize here.


They are very glad to see us and very cooperative. They very much appreciate the forthright information we've sent. In turn, they were very forthright with us.


They are nervous about any overlap between our group and the HA. There will be between 250-300 "badged" members, plus inductees, plus another club (The Red Devil's), plus "spouses." The total they expect will be not less than 400 and not more than 500.


Their first official event is Wed evening. Their last official event is Saturday night. Sunday most of them will be heading to Sturgis. The first event will probably be held in a tent just north of town.


There is an advance crew of 12-15 people coming in Sunday. They, and most everyone else in hotels, are staying at the Best Western with overflow in the Comfort Inn (which is also totally booked with Hell's Angels beginning Wed pm).


I don't see much benefit in hanging around past early Wednesday morning and my advice is to do the prudent thing and saddle up and head out. Obviously it's up to you!


I think we have one goal, here, and that's for us to be good citizens. When we leave I want them to comment to themselves how respectful, quiet, and fun-loving we were. I honestly don't think we'll have any difficulties, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't all be aware of the situation.


Update on the Fire Situationcolor=red>


In terms of fires, they are also nervous. There is a 700 acre fire 10 miles NW that is "level 2" and is being hit pretty hard with the help of aircraft. As soon as they beat it down, more lightening strikes hit. One big point that everyone emphasized is our own use of fire. The only thing allowed is gas stoves. No wood or charcoal fires. Nada.


Required Liability Release Formcolor=red>


This is probably unnecessary, but we are going to do it anyway! When you register in Gunnison, you will be asked to sign a waiver form with this wording:


I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I am at least 18 years of age and I give this release and waiver for my heirs, successors, representatives, and myself. I agree to release BMWRT.com and its administrators, moderators, and representatives from any liability, loss, damage, costs, claims, lawsuits and/or causes of action including but not limited to all bodily injuries, including death and property damage, arising out of any aspect of my attending or participating in the UnRally in Gunnison, Colorado. I understand and accept the risk of danger to myself and my property while participating in the UnRally and agree to assume all risk of loss.color=blue>


This will be required in order for you to participate in any of the events. Dang this world we live in.




Ride safe. Statistically someone will go down either on the way, during the event, or on the way home. I just hate to even mention that, but try to make sure it's not you. Think, focus, and also enjoy. I'm leaving with Bill Hawkins (K2R) and David Bearden Thursday morning, and we plan a nice route through the Ozarks and then across 50. I'm looking forward to meeting those of you I've not met already.


When you see the people who have organized this behind the scenes, give them a big wet kiss. Fernando, especially, has done a yeoman's job of making sure everything happens.


See you soon.

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I didn't ask specifically, but more than one person commented on that. I would guess it's because most altercations in the past have been between different groups of people. That presumes, of course, that we are like "other groups of people" and we aren't. They know that, too, but they aren't sure that the Hell's Angels know that.

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Another great job David.

Thanks for the heads up.

I forsee no troubles with the Angels except for the fact that they will be very interested in our form of transportation. Many have asked me about my bike before at other events.


I will make it a point to not hit on their women because it would be much easier to have fun and talk this weekend with both lips pointing forward.

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Thanks David,


Now for my question. Am I the only rt'r staying at the best western? If I am, I am less than thrilled and might look for an option. If others will be there I would like to know.


Many thanks,




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Brant Herbert

. Am I the only rt'r staying at the best western? color=blue>


RDFrantz' registration has him at the "Best Western, Tomichi". That's the only other one listed.

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Best Western, Tomichi is about a mile east of town. I actually moved my reservation there, after talking with their staff about their other guests, largely because of their nicer facilities. They have hosted HA before, and that, along with my past ability to get along very well with HA and all other MC "groups" made it seem the best bet.


I look upon it as an opportunity for gentle, but positive PR with those early arrivals, the officers of the club.

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I just got off the phone with the editor of the local paper, and he (or a reporter) will be at our Monday meeting, as well, taking pictures and interviewing some folks. Smile!

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Dakota Dave

I thought I would give you an update on the fires across the state. I just drove home from My Nieces wedding in Crawford Colorado. This is only short ride from Gunnison and I drove from SD through Colorado Springs. All of the Pike forest is closed. You can drive through it but not much else. If you are traveling from the east and plan on camping do not plan on camping any were near Colorado Springs or Denver. Some private campgrounds are open but you should call ahead. Durango still has many of the forest areas around it closed as well for those coming from the West and south. Other than this driving and roads are great, and the weather is not bad once in the mountains. This is the season of eveining thunder storms, so do not be surprised if you have to dive for cover in the late afternoon. Any rain they do recieve is a god send with the Draught. The weather is so dry that many times the rain never reaches the ground. If rain does start to reach the ground and it does start pouring you will need to watch for flooding. There ground is very dry and most of a fresh rain will run off. I drove a lot in Colorado and only saw signs of fire around Glenwood Springs. I could see haze from the fires in most of the state. I was driving over the 4th vacation period and the traffic was not bad. I would expect it to be even better since the fires and drought have scared away a lot of vacationers. That means lots of great loads with not many cages to clog them up. Riding should be very good. Enjoy and drive safe.


P.S. Just in case here is the Colorado fire info line 303-639-1111.

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