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R1200ST brake problem


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I recently purchased a lovely R1200ST with 11,000 miles on it and have but one problem - the brakes. This is the only "new technology" BMW braking system I have experienced, but what mine is doing can't be by design.


From the first time I rode it, it seemed like the front rotors were seriously warped. I bought it anyway because it was a steal and still under warranty and I really liked it.


I was biding my time waiting to get the 12,000 inspection done at BMW of Daytona when, all of a sudden, the vibration went away. It returned shortly and is somewhat intermittent, though it really is present more often than not. I think it may be a computer problem, as though it is trying to engage the anti-lock when it shouldn't be - i.e., under the very slightest of conditions.


The bike came with MV bar risers on it and I am wondering if, when the previous owner put on the risers, he might have screwed up something while replacing the front brake line.


I'll be taking it in for service as soon as I can get to Daytona - probably in a couple of weeks. It has just turned 12,000 miles. Meantime, any thoughts?

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its not the rotors but the wheel that is defective. BMW should replace the wheel under warranty. I warped 4 sets of rotors before BMW figured it out and this weekend did 2 days at Barber with Keith Code and for the first time since I got the ST I could brake smoothly! Very sweet contrast to what I had. BMW of Atlanta replced my wheel and put on a new set of rotors. Bill W you are the MAN!

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Check your speed when you apply the brakes. My Rt developed a shutter but, only could be felt at or above fifty MPH. New rotors & pads under warranty & all is well again.



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WOW! Thanks all. This is a truly great forum and source of information. I will clear the issue with the dealer before I ride over for service. I consider it a SERIOUS problem. I like to familiarize myself with my brakes on a new bike but have been reluctant to do so and certainly won't till it's fixed. Don't even want to think about a panic stop from high speed.


Thanks again.

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Yep - I had new rotors at 6K and new rotors and a wheel at recent 12K service. Seems fine now - just hope this takes care of it for good.

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