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Installing P3 Lights on R1200RT


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R1200RT install for a set of P3 (LED) Auxiliary Taillights is different (as in can bus electrical system). Saturday night I set out to do just that on my '05 RT.


Four hours later, and after stripping the tape off the wiring harness in several places (since re-wrapped) looking for the elusive "third" wire, I gave up. confused.gifdopeslap.gif


In frustration (truth be told, more like desperation) I fired off a pm to Jerry Skene (jskene), fellow Board member & the guy most responsible for this product.


Sunday morning, when I returned from breakfast with Angel (AIDFW), who suggested I post my questions on the Board, I learned Jerry had already addressed them, even sending me an address with specific instructions on how to get it done! thumbsup.gif


The lights are certainly everything they're advertised to be, Jerry couldn't have been more helpful (or timely!!) and, if I could do this, anyone can!!


To sum it up, my rear is much more visible then it use to be!! Brighter too, in an on-again off-again sorta way! smile.giflmao.gif


I'm gonna pay for that last comment, I can feel it. grin.gif

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I need to do the same thing on the same bike. Are the instructions available online? I'd like to see how it's done.





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