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Powering iPod and phone in tankbag


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I've currently got my tank bag electrified with a powerlet kit. There's an internal splitter cable with a 2-pole SAE connector, that powers the Autocom and the V-1, and a cigarette lighter socket. I have a 2-way cigarette lighter adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, with the power adapters for my iPod and cell phone plugged into it. This makes for a very bulky assembly with lots of cable. Plus, I have to tape the whole assembly together to keep the cigarette lighter connectors from coming loose.


Does anybody know of a better way to power the iPod and phone charger? The iPod charger actually provides a USB port, into which the iPod charger cable plugs. I tried opening up the charger, and there's a circuit board in there with various stuff on it. I thought about cutting off the "male protrusion" of the adapter, since it only houses the fuse and contacts, leaving the housing to hold the circuit board and USB connector. The phone charger resisted my efforts to open it, though. Ideas?

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