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OoouuuuWeeeee. Love the sight of a new ride...


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Yesterday, my oldest son, Stephen (aka The Marine), and I pulled off another infamous "snatch-and-grab" motorcycle procurement operation with almost military precision. This time the location was Gainsville Florida, and the objective was this.




Fortunately, we had General Ferran (aka rodescolar) helping us with recon and logistics support while Danny, Matt, Calvin, Richard, Dan, Tim, Francois and Shawn assisted with motivational communication and potential reinforcement had we come under enemy fire.


We deployed at 1100hrs, convoyed to Objective Alpha where General Ferran's emergency recon advised us to bypass Alpha and proceed immediately to Objective Bravo, which we were able to contact, engage and successfully capture our objective by 1500hrs. Once the prisoner was properly secured, the General's and our units departed for uneventful returns to our respective home bases.


All said, the entire operation was a Triumph.


Full visionary debrief can be found here.

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BTW, I was eyeballin' that bike yesterday.


All I can say is, oooohh mmmyyyyyy !!! drif.gif



They also had a Duc Hypermotard that I sat on. jump.gif

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All said, the entire operation was a Triumph.



Glad everything worked out. I was at PowerSports in St Pete and they had one that color - nice bike thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif


I would be first for a test at BB&B, but I don't think I'll fit dopeslap.gif

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I love the smell of a new Triumph in the morning. You know what it smells like? It smells like victory! Stephen, enjoy the bike & thank you & your fellow Marines for your service.



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a really beautiful bike and I was glad to be in reserve for logisitics support. I'm looking forward to seeing it first hand.


BTW, the way Huzband drooled on that Hypermotard, I think it'll be for sale with some corrorsion damage soon....


I at least used a shirt sleeve to clean up after myself!

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My friend Dave bought a hypermotard from a dealer in Georgia and is picking it up this week. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

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Will we see it at the UN, BB&B or El Paseo X?


Possibly BB&B. He went to Atlanta today with a couple of his buddies to meet his brother for the Black Crows concert. Tomorrow, when he returns will probably be his first opportunity to take it for a spin. It only has the three miles on it that the mechanic put on for the test ride.


I can guarantee that it is killing him right now to be away from his baby. grin.gif


Valentine One, Wurty? Maybe two or three of them just to be safe. wink.gif


I can tell you this, it's really fun to watch your son making his way through life and picking up some of the rewards along the way. He's a great guy with a good head on his shoulders and I hope he has an absolute blast with the bike.


After all, isn't that what it's all about? cool.gif

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You better screw a Valentine on that dashboard.


To keep with the military style of the OP, perhaps a phased array of Valentines would be in order? Sweet ride, my neighbor has one of those - says it rips on the track (California Speedway).

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He's a great guy with a good head on his shoulders and I hope he has an absolute blast with the bike.


Steve, he is an outstanding guy, consider yourself fortunate.


My involvement was a pleasure all the way, it was a nice coincidence that I knew decision-makers at both dealerships.

It basically came down to supply and demand. The big city dealer probably didn't order enough of them and could sell all he had at full pop plus a ridiculous $600. surcharge (they call it freight and prep). The small town dealer did order enough, would give a significant discount, and had a minimal fee for set-up, and was a pleasure to deal with. Everybody's happy, except the big city dealer. Hey, it's capitalism, what d'ya want. grin.gif

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And, Streit's is an excellent dealer to work with.

I've never bought a bike from them, but have done mail order on many parts from them.

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What a hot sled..!


Is the rear tire a "slick"?????I cannot see any grooves with my tired eyes.

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Is the rear tire a "slick"?????I cannot see any grooves with my tired eyes.


Nope Bone, it's got grooves.... smile.gif





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Yep, there are grooves there, but they are tiny. Stephen and I have already talked about replacing the stock tires with something that would handle wet roads better.


They might also last longer. wink.gif

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