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Exhaust problems, need advice


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The hanger that holds the exhaust to the rear sub-frame on my 99RT has broken and I'm not sure how to fix it.

I had a bad vibration and thanks to the search engine on this board I figured out my center stand was touching the cat converter when it heated up. I moved the exhaust forward to miss the stand and a day later the hanger breaks.

This hanger does not show up on the parts fiche. I called 2 dealers and neither seems to know what I'm asking for. BTW both said they would call me back and I never heard another word.

This hanger is welded to a steel plate which is then welded to the silencer. I'm assuming I will have to take it to a fab shop to repair.

Anybody else have this problem and if so how did you repair it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Are we speaking of the hanger assemlby that mounts to the inside of the rear of the left kickplate. And if so, where did the break occur. At the kickplate, the bolt, or the pc welded to the side of the muffler?

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