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seat height


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Does any one know if the seat height is lower than an R1100Rt?I am tired of fighting the height problem.I would like to try another BMW model any ideas?

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You haven't given much of a frame of reference. The original seat on an RT was narrow and consequently in the low position was acceptable to me - I'm 5'9", somewhere around a 30" actual inseam.


The "comfort" seat for the 1100's was wider and even in the low position I could not flat foot. I eventually put a Sargent low on my '99 but rode it in the middle position.


Don't know which K you are looking at. If its the new GT and if the above sounds like you, neither of the factory seats even in the low position will suit you. I also put a Sargent low on my '06 GT and its great given what they had to work with. The '07 seat will probably be even better. Corbin also makes one similar to Sargent.

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I am 5'8" and a 30" inseem.Iam just tired of fighting with gravel and trying to get on after the bike is loaded.I have been piding 40+ years and the bikes keep getting taller.I would like to sell my Rt and try something alse.I have had a R100RT,K75,R1100RT. Any Ideas?

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The new 800ST is light, has nice power and handles great, but when I test rode one I hated the riding position. Its just me, but at a minimum it needed an aftermarket bar riser kit.


If you could find one, the R1200ST is light and with the factory low seat option had a saddle height of only 30"! But the riding position might not suit you given the bikes you've had.


Like I said, my GT now fits me, but it took a HeliBar kit, an aftermaket seat and a peg lowering kit ... but its still a heavy bike.


Hmmmm, just about does it for BMW ... well then I'd go for the FJR assuming you're looking for a touring bike. Great power, and feels and rides lower than any of the stock BMWs ... but its not any lighter than the RT you're on.


Good hunting !!

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Take a test ride on an R1200CL,or CLC. I have a 30" inseam as well, no trouble flat footing the bike with both feet. The floor boards are a lot more comfortable than the RRT's pegs.



K1100LT for sale

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