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Gunnison: Report on Hell's Angels and Fires


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I've sent written introductions to all the appropriate contacts in Denver and Gunnison, and also followed up with specific phone conversations. Three of them will be at our Monday breakfast, and I'll introduce them when appropriate. I've asked them to introduce themselves to me when they arrive.


Some of the conversations were quite detailed. I'll summarize here.


They are very glad to see us and very cooperative. They very much appreciate the forthright information we've sent. That included everything about us and all my contact numbers. In turn, they were very forthright with me.


They are nervous about any overlap between our group and the HA. There will be between 250-300 "badged" members, plus inductees, plus another club (The Red Devil's), plus "spouses." The total they expect will be not less than 400 and not more than 500.


Their first official event is Wed evening. Their last official event is Saturday night. Sunday most of them will be heading to Sturgis. The first event will probably be held in a tent just north of town.


There is an advance crew of 12-15 people coming in Sunday. They, and most everyone else in hotels, are staying at the Best Western with overflow in the Comfort Inn (which is also totally booked with HAs beginning Wed pm).


In terms of fires, they are also nervous. There is a 700 acre fire 10 miles NW that is "level 2" and is being hit pretty hard with the help of aircraft. As soon as they beat it down, more lightening strikes hit. One big point that everyone emphasized is our own use of fire. The only thing allowed is gas stoves. No wood or charcoal fires. Nada.


I'm going to clean this up (for public consumption) and post it in the Gunnison Forum Saturday morning, along with a statement of liability. I'll post the form so that they can look at it. Basically, if they don't sign the form, they don't get to register for the event.

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