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Another San Jose BMW racing video, this time with Nate Kern

Deans BMW

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Nate raced one of the two San Jose BMW's R1200S's in AFM Open Twins at Infineon (Sears Point) August 19. 2007. Nate was gridded 32nd and worked his way up to 6th in 8 laps. Your grid position is determined by your AFM standings for the year. Nate was riding the 118 RWHP Moto ST bike and Brian was on the other more powerful race bike. That is Brian giving the thumbs up to Nate in the beginning. Most of the other bikes were Duc 1098's and 999's.


Brian won the race and set another lap record I belive, Nate did great considering this is his first event at Infineon.




For a complete story and pics of the Infineon weekend click on this link and then click on The Infineon Raceway logo on the first page.




Left to right, Brian Parriott, Nate Kern and San Jose BMW senior race tech Brett Malak.



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