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Sturgis '2007


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As all you know... I din't make to Sturgis Rally due to a minor incident happen when we are at the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. My dearest friend Venice that had into an accident needs to get back home to San Diego and be reunited with his close family to take care of him more closely. Venice was now doing OK....




Anyway, I still enjoyed part of our tour on our way to Sturgis. Our 2nd day exploring Utah's Scenic Byway was a blast. And our 3rd and 4th day exploring the summits of Colorado was an awesome experience. Too bad that I have to cut short my tour vacation after this day... But I catch up with my group on their way back to Las Vegas. They had told me all the Strugis great moments and share with me all of their digital shots. But sorry, I cannot share all some wild pictures collected at the Sturgis '2007.








Photo: http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=17454158&uid=960213&members=1




Ride safe,



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Bummer about your friend's crash, Gery, but I'm glad to hear he's OK.


There are some really, um, interesting examples of ATGATT in those photos! lmao.gif

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Why did you include photo # 56?? eek.gif

That was simply wrong! eek.gif



Whats the matter? ya don't like portly?? lmao.giflmao.gif


Uh, no.





YMMV grin.gif

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Fun slide show and great music. Thanks for sharing the pics and your story. That is as close as I will probably ever get to the yearly Sturgis ride, so I like to see other people's adventures. Thanks again!!! clap.gifwave.gif

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