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Bike has sat for 6 months - what to do?


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I haven't touched my GS in 6 months, but since I up and quit my job yesterday, it is time to go for a ride, and as much as I like the speed triple, I really don't want to do back to back 500 mile days on it.


The beamer is due for a service, anyway, so I'll swap out all fluids, balance TBs, adjust valves, and I've got a v-belt if the existing one should self destruct (It was fine when I checked it). I've got to figure out a way to get the damn fuel filter off - I can't for the life of me figure out how to undo those damn clips BMW uses on the hoses, so I can swap that out, too.


Is there anyrthing else I ought to look at while prepping the bike to go back out on the road?



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You didn't mention a close look at the tires and an air up, but I'm sure you'd do that.


ISFA the OEM hose clamps, there is a tool for them, but I usually just cut the off and replace with new fuel injection pressure rated clamps.

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Jerry Johnston

Gee my bike sits six months every year and all I do beside chkg the tire pressure and oil change is put some fuel injection cleaner in the first tank.

I use a small sharp screw driver to open the clamps on my fule filter, and a dulled pair of end nippers to tighten them.

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