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Clutch Slipping


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Just got back from a great two week ride, camping, lazing around, etc. We spent about a week out on Vancouver Island.


As I was waiting in line to catch the ferry back to the mainland, I noticed some oil on the right outside of the engine, mostly around the side of the oil pan just in front of the transmission. Not much, and I couldn't really determine where it was coming from. So, I told myself to not spoil the rest of the vacation worrying about it: there wasn't so much that it was dripping.


Anyway, a little west of Hope, BC I roll on the throttle hard to pass a guy and the clutch just breaks loose. Shoot. I did make it the ~600 miles home from there, but heavy acceleration in either 5th or 6th results in the clutch just letting go completely.


I'm thinking I've got the nefarious seal leakage out of the front of the tranny or engine. Probably need a new clutch, eh?


This might be beyond what I'm comfortable tackling myself. Shops are all closed today. Anyone who's had this done lately have a ballpark figure on how painful this is going to be to my wallet?


(FYI ~42K on the bike).

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I can't say how much a dealer would charge, but it will be a lot no matter where the oil is coming from. It is a huge job to split the transmission from the bike to get to the clutch area.

On the other hand my '04 RT had a rear transmission shaft seal fail and caused the clutch to slip. If it is the same seal I think I could replace it without removing the transmission at all. If so you could then remove the starter and clean the clutch disc with brake cleaner and get by for a very long time. smile.gif

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Prices vary greatly by shop and region, but $1000 - $1500 would not be unusual.


But, there are people here in your neck of the woods that might be willing to help you do it yourself if you put out an APB in Ride Planning.

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