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Congrats Misti!! - AMA Supersport VIR (Sort of a spoiler)


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Big congrats go to BMWST.COM member Misti Hurst for finishing 28th out of 39 riders in the AMA Supersport race at VIR!!


AMA Supersport is one of the most competitive classes in AMA roadracing. To even qualify is a big accomplishment and Misti was out there hauling ass and only 7 seconds slower than the race winner's fastest lap.


Way to go Misti!!!! clap.gif

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Was Misti one of two women riders in that race?


Indeed. Jessica Zaluskey was the other female rider.


Congrats Misti. I totally admire (and am jealous of) you!




(too bad about mid-Ohio...bummer about the race being canceled. I'm sure you would have preferred racing in the dark! smirk.gif )

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