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Bogging When Wet


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Hello All-


Recently, my RT has been behaving strangely when wet. In short, it seems to run on one cylinder, bogging badly as soon as power is applied. It idles at about 800 rpm and threatens to stall, but rarely does. Revving the crap out of the motor is the "cure" for low idling and bogging, but it doesn't always work. Now, obviously, I need to diagnose this problem methodically, but some pointers would help, especially if there are any known causes of such behavior. As usual, thanks in advance.



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It sounds like you might have a crack in your coil. Take it apart and look for microscopic cracks in the outer cover of the coil, If you find any replace. You could also have a bad spark plug lead wire. frown.gif

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Charles Elms

I had a similar problem. Ended up being a small crack in the coil housing on the bottom. I just put some silicone caulk in the crack and so far it runs great in the rain. New or used coil will be next 'spare' part to have on hand. cool.gif

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