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HID ballast mount


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I just received an HID kit for the high beam on my 12RT. Looks pretty much plug-and-play but I do have to mount the ballast. Would appreciate recommendations on mounting locations and method. tks

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you don't say if you have a bmw radio fitted. On my 1150 rt I mounted both ballasts in the speaker cavity on either side as had no radio. on the 1150, I used the screws that held the speedo/rev counter in place. not sure if the 1200rt has an equivalent there.

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I ordered the single-light unit for the High-beam only. I mounted the ballast on top of the support bars right behind the high-beam headlight. Then I put a big metal clamp around it and a couple of Zip ties. Seems to ride there with no problem.

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Thanks Dick, I'll give that a try,




Also make sure that your suspension clearances are ok...it is a tight area..

you'll like the HID...I did one on the low beam..

Good luck

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