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$500 Recall Clearance Letter


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I'm thinking of purchasing a 1995 BMW bike from a private US seller and importing it into Canada.


Canadian authorities require a Recall Clearance letter indicating that there are no outstanding recalls on this bike.


BMW America charges $500 for this letter.


But I have been told that a letter from an authorized American dealer is also accepatable (at a lower or no charge).


Has anyone had any experience with exporting a bike out of the US into Canada?



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Any dealer can search the VIN and see if there are any recalls. They can do this at the parts counter. It helps if they print this on dealer letterhead.


This was sufficient when I imported my RT 4 years ago.

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pedro cerveza

Any US dealer can do it. Ask the seller to visit his local dealer and get them to print out the form showing all recalls were completed. I did this when I exported a car to Canada and it was acceptable.

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