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First few days w/ R1150RT


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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but...

How do you get the grin off your face after riding this bike? This has to be the closest I've been to Heaven. I took possession of an '02 1150RT on Friday. Did a 150 mile on Saturday. Didn't know it was so far to work until I rode this morning. That usual 7 mile drive is actually about a 15 mile ride???

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This'll prolly get moved to Motorcycle Talk.


As for the bike, I know what you mean. Ever since I got the 950, I've been looking for the long way 'round myself. thumbsup.gif

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No NEED to get the grin off your face... mine is still on too ! grin.gifgrin.gifthumbsup.gif

The only negative thing here is that I work at home, no need to commute ! dopeslap.gif

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