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HJC AC12 Carbon report


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Just bought a new helmet. An HJC AC12 Carbon.


I wanted something lighter than my current HJC Symax (3 lbs 11oz.) or my Nolan N102 (4lbs 4 oz) for riding the GS. The HJC Carbon weighed 3lbs. 4oz. on my digital scale. Also, I wanted something with really good ventilation for Baja this fall. Here is what I found after 200 miles of riding:


1. It is virtually impossible to fog the face shield, even at 52 degrees this a.m. at traffic lights.

2. The airflow inside this helmet is unbelievable. It feels like it has a fan running inside of it.

3. There is a lot of airflow under the chin bar, which is great for summer/warm weather, but should prove uncomfortable in the winter without a neck scarf, baclava, or Windjammer 2, etc.

4. Without earplugs, wind noise is average, with my Symax being uncomfortable after 25 mph and my Nolan at 35 mph without plugs. The Carbon can go almost to 50 mph before noticeable wind noise discomfort.

5. Choice of colors were limited to either gray (carbon fiber) gray on gray, or the color in the picture. (at least from the Ebay site I ordered from) Since I like visibility to traffic, I chose the latter.

6. Forward and peripheral visibility is very good.

7. The helmet comes with a very nice helmet bag, not a sock like the Symax, or nothing with the Nolan.

8. Finish on the helmet was very good with no noticeable blemishes.

9. Head fitment was also very good as I ordered the same size my Symax is and the fitment is very comparable.

10. Cheek pads are a little intrusive, but not too much. I am sure they will break in with time.

11. The helmet gets a “whoosh” sound when you turn your head to the side. First I thought it was an overhead jet plane, but even at slow speeds the sound is there.

12. Price including shipping was $288.00

13. There was no problem wearing sun glasses under the face shield.

14. The D ring system has a “snap” for securing extra material pulled through the D ring assembly.

15. It is both Snell and DOT approved.

16. I don’t know about installing a “com” system on this helmet, as I have no plans to put one in.

17. The face shield does have some coarse ratcheting adjusts, but I found that with this much ventilation, I just left it secured all the way down.













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I've had one since April, and have installed an Autocom system in it. Since the original installation, I have removed the in-helmet speakers, and use a pair of Arizona Al's earplug speakers.


I like the helmet, especially the faceshield changing mechanism -- one of the major reasons I moved from Arai to HJC (I could never change the bloody shield). With the HJC it's simple, and fast.

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where did you get it from? I've been contemplating one of these for a while.



I bought it here


They seem to have really good pricing on helmets and quick service out of San Diego. (no affiliation of course)

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