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GUNNISON ITINERARY: Who, What, Where and When.


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First, let me say that this is a work in progress. Most things are finalized, but some things may be added in the next few days as the Gunnison Committee gets a few more things sorted out. Wait until the last minute before you leave and print it out. We will TRY and have the final version available for people at registration, but in case we don't, bring this with you.



The Gathering in Gunnison

Provisional Itinerary


Sunday July 21st


3:00PM to 6:00PM: Early Check In Registration at the KOA - Check-in Desk to be manned by Stephen Slisz, Jake or a fill-in. Pick-up your T-shirts and name tags at this time. You will also need to pay for dinner, so please show up with the correct change ($6 for Monday’s dinner and/or $9 for Tuesday’s). No checks, cash only.


6:00PM: Gather at the KOA for socializing and story telling. Everyone is on their own for Sunday dinner.


The following needs to be said only once, but it needs to be said loud and clear: PLEASE DO NOT CONSUME ANY ALCOHOL IF YOU INTEND TO RIDE YOUR MOTORCYCLE LATER THAT SAME DAY OR EVENING OR WITHIN 12 HOURS ON THE FOLLOWING DAY. Yes, we’re all adults, but we also need to make sure that this event is a safe one for everyone involved.





6:00AM: Coffee at the KOA, followed by Danish/donuts as close to 6:45 as possible (breakfast on both days is free and has been paid for by Big Mak Accessories, Dallas Motorcycle Products, Cee Bailey, Great American Motorcycle Tours, MotoEquip and Cycle Gadgets --- please support these companies and their products and services)


6:00AM to 9:00AM Registration at the KOA. See above for details. This is your LAST chance to pay for Monday’s and Tuesday’s dinners. We need to verify the head count so we can finalize the food orders. Also, if you haven’t registered and picked up your T-shirt by 9AM, you’ll have to have it shipped to you (that will cost an extra $4-$6 depending on how many shirts you purchased).


7:30AM: Opening Ceremonies, introductions, special guests


8:00AM: Group Riding Overview by RD Frantz. Excellent do’s, don'ts and other tips. A MUST!


8:15AM: Opening Ceremonies end. PACE Riding Seminar by RD Frantz begins (for those who want to learn about PACE riding and/or go on the escorted PACE rides during the rally).


Escorted PACE rides will assemble and depart from the KOA after the PACE Riding Seminar.


There will be a couple of different PACE rides to choose from. They will be of different lengths and paces and will have a lunch stop along the way if they are of sufficient length to warrant one. These rides will have maps so that riders can go with the PACE group, or follow behind, on their own, with a smaller group.


There will also be unescorted routes provided by the Ride Chairman. These are suggested routes. You are on your own. We strongly suggest riding with a friend or two. DO NOT ride alone because if you breakdown (or worse) it’s possible that no one will know.


You are also free to take off and explore the Rockies without a pre-set route. Again, we STRONGLY suggest riding with a friend or two. DO NOT ride alone. And please, PLEASE tell someone where you’re going. Give them your approximate route (jot it down on a piece of paper, along with your name, and give it to someone so there’s a written record), even if you’re not 100% sure of your route. If you turn up missing, we at least want a general direction to begin the search.


6:00PM: Social hour at the KOA. Tell tall tales. Share a beverage with friends, old and new. Please review warning above regarding alcohol consumption and riding.


7:00: Dinner will be delivered and served at the KOA - Pizza, salad, etc. from Mario’s in Gunnison. Be sure to have your dinner ticket/sticker with you. No tickie, no pepperoni.


After dinner, there will likely be more story telling, making of new friends and sharing of laughter.





6:00AM: Coffee at the KOA, followed by Danish/donuts as close to 6:45 as possible


7:30AM: General meeting to review yesterday and to impart any new information.


8:00AM: PACE Riding Seminar by RD Frantz


Same as Monday, i.e. you can go on a PACE ride, go on a mapped route, or go your own way. Once again we strongly urge you NOT to ride alone, and to be sure and leave a written description of your approximate route with a friend.


9:00AM: Tech Daze Light with Dr. Thomas "FasMoFo" Roe. General discussion, and possibly some demonstration, of the basic care and servicing of the BMW RT


5:00PM: Social hour at the KOA. Tell tall tales. Share a beverage with friends, old and new. Please review warning above regarding alcohol consumption and riding.


6:00PM: - Dinner will be delivered and served at the KOA - BBQ from FB Catering in Gunnison. Be sure to have your dinner ticket/sticker with you.


7:00PM: After-dinner socializing, making the last of your new friends and preparing to say a heartfelt good-bye to everyone you’ve met.


8:00PM: The event is officially over. However, socializing can continue as long as you’re up to it.



Several things to keep in mind:


Please keep the KOA clean. If you see trash, even if it’s not yours, please pick it up.


Please be considerate of other campers. Remember, not everyone at the KOA is a member of this BBS. As the hours draw late each night, please keep the noise down. Same thing in the morning. Bikes will start arriving just prior to 6AM, but that doesn't mean it's ok to be noisy, honk horns, etc. SSssshhhh!


No campfires of any kind are allowed. I can’t even tell you if fuel stoves are allowed. Also, if you smoke, please be very conscientious with your ashes and the tobacco butts. There will be proper receptacles available. Please use them.


Please heed the requests, advice and directives of the KOA management. Don’t argue. Just do as they ask. They’re all pretty concerned about the fire danger, as well as what’s coming to town as soon as we leave, so they may already be pretty edgy. Do what you can to make their jobs easier.


Respect all local speed/traffic laws. It wouldn’t take much for Law Enforcement to conclude that we may be nice and our bikes quiet, but if we speed they may start writing tickets for 1mph over. Remember, they may be a bit jumpy, too. Let’s not let that happen.


Out on the road, ride responsibly. It’s not a race. Keep your distance. Enjoy the beauty. Come back to the KOA safely and tell us all about it.


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Thanks for all of the great info. How much space will be available for us to park our bikes in the KOA, or do we have to find places outside of the campground? I know we're talking about a lot of bikes here, and I didn't know how much of a parking problem there will be. I'll problably walk from the Ramada for dinner, but in the morning I expect most of us will be prepared to ride. How comfortable are the KOA owners/managers about 100+ motocycles pulling into the campground between 6 am and 9 am?

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So then presumeably............


if'n at 3am, I stumble drunk through my raging bonfire, jump on my RT, fire it up with Piaas blazing in the KOA Kamp hosts windows, chunk it in gear and go spewing gravel enuff to break windows, while I flick my ciggy butt off into the woods and crack another cold one, giving the war cry as I speed off dangerously fast into the night, open beer between my legs,without telling anyone where I'm headed...............



..................that might not be a good thing???? shocked.gif

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Bill, I ordered three, so if you can't find one, you can have one of mine.....at a premium of course. Just thnk of it as buying a concert ticket from Ticketmasters....

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