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02 1150rt bad brake system?


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Looking for some insight into bad brake system on early production 02 1150rt's? Came across a gentlemans website denoting early production rt's with a different brake system which Bavaria made some changes to fix the problem under cover. http://arch.home.texas.net/bmw/r1150rt.html


Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this problem and when was the problem rectified?

Looking to possibly part with a gs and try an rt.


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Some of the very early '02 (USA model designation) had a very sensitive brake touch. Some would say overly sensitive. We had one for 36K and I adjusted to it with no issues. YMMV.

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Stan Walker

+1 on what Ken said. You get used to the brakes.


Plus I still have my early '02 (bought in spring '01) and ride it almost daily. Not yet a high mileage bike with only 90,500 miles, but it's been a great bike so far. Never had a major problem, has never failed to get me home except for a flat tire at work, still runs strong.


Yesterday I took out Jan's '96 RT. It is interesting to note that the brakes feel "dead", like a car without power brakes. I guess I just miss the servo when I'm away. smile.gif



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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

+1 on the previous commnets regarding early 02 brakes. You get used to it in a matter of hours. Aside from that, I am not a big fan of linked brakes, but so far, I have been able to adjust my riding style with no issues.

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