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Bag Liners -Which to Buy


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I have a 2004 R1150RS with the BMW Top case and side cases. Looking for advice on which bag liners to buy. I don't usually use the side cases but always use the Top Case, so I am especially interested in the top case liner.


As I see it my choices are:




Desantis from CycleGadget



Comments Please.

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RKA also makes them and they're very nice. I'm still using the ones I picked up from them years ago for my RT and now they're used on my KRS.

Good people and reasonable prices, no problems so far.

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I got a set of Kathys years ago, still going strong. I'd used no name soft bags I got that fit the saddle bags I had too. I have used Krauser suit case like liners left over from a saddle bag past all the time also.

The more 'liner' you have, the less room for stuff.Liners are great for the 'open saddle bag and run' kind of operation. wave.gif

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I bought Cee Baileys for the RT. They're very good. I especially like that they have a zipper on both the bottom and top of the bag. This allows me to pull my raingear or heated vest off the bottom without having to unload all of the other stuff neatly packed on top.

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+1 on Cee Bailey's. Very good construction, look good, and are quite functional. I just packed one up about 30 minutes ago as I head out for a camping overnighter right now. Have a great weekend everyone.


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I use "packing cubes" from ebags.com. Inexpensive and I can keep clean clothes in one, used clothes in another, etc., etc. They have handles, fit the side cases well and I just open a side case and take whatever bag(s) I need with me. Small is good for toiletries and I also use a small one in my top case for misc stuff. Three medium size bags work well in each side cases for clothes, etc.

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Have the H2W bags but have not used them as they take up too much room.

I use a H2W duffel for clothes and the sidecases for boots/stitch/mesh/dirties and other gear.


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I have the Kathy's bags and the Cee Bailey bags. Both are sturdy but the Cee Bailey's are exceptionally robust (bought them for insertion into my Jesse boxes on the GS). The Kathy's have more pockets and, because they are a lighter weight fabric, are more flexible and therefore fit the nooks and crannies of most hard bags better.

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Bill Murray

I used RKA bags with my K12RS and K12GT for a couple of years. I also owned a set of their luggage in the past. The RKA bags hold their shape well, when not stuffed with stuff. That can make them a little easier to pack, if that is important to you. The RKA folks are terrific people to work with.


For my current bike (R12ST), I opted for Kathy's bags because I wanted something that I could stuff full and allow it to shape itself around anything else I might have in the saddlebag. Thus far, they are working well - no regrets.


Both RKA and Kathy's are good products. You will not go wrong with either.

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I started out by getting 'Bestem' bags. All I can say is stay away. The zips packed up on the first use but as I am in Aus was too expensive to bother to try and return. Instead we replaced them with CeeBaileys. These are great. Excellent quality.

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I too have the Bestums and have experienced quite the opposite. my wife and I have severely over stuffed them without zipper failure. They do smell funny at first but a month in the hot garage took care of that. I would buy them again.

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+1 for Cee Bailey. Excellent quality, service and still made in the good ole USofA clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif


BTW, for the trunk I purchased the BMW liner 'cuz CB doesn't make one. Not cheap and well made -BUT- after using it for a while I found a couple year old Nike duffel bag with identical dimensions and more pockets! dopeslap.gif Moral of the story, there are some perfectly useful and (relatively) inexpensive duffel bags which will work in the rear trunk!

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Cee Bailey does now make a bag liner for the RT trunk. I bought one along with the side-case liners. It opens from the top only, but has a smaller zippered pouch to fit up into the top of the topbox lid as well as web pouches on both sides.


Another overlooked feature which was pointed out to me by my brother one night is that the Cee Bailey has reflective pin striping on the bags. That's a nice to have when you're loading and unloading at night.

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