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Color Rite Paint.........


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We have a mirror on an RT that needs repainting....Some deep scratches mysteriously appeared and are rather unsightly.....This Color Rite stuff looks like the way to fix the problem without having a paint shop involved...The stuff is expensive but looks like the way to go....I think we'll need primer because of sanding needed, and clear coat of course...

Appreciate any input and recommendations if you've had experiences with this stuff grin.gif.....








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I used it on a fender for a r100gspd alpine white, the color seemed ok but when I applied the clear coat it yellowed. I stripped it and got a local car paint dealer to custom mix a single stage paint in a spray can, it turned out great.

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I used their products to paint a 49L top box peidmont red. I used a rattle can of color and a rattle can of clear coat. I sanded and used surface prep. Used a tack rag and followed their directions to the letter. It came out great. I would do it again. thumbsup.gif

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