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Source for Piedmont Red Touchup paint?


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I tried to order a touch-up paint kit for my 2005 R1200RT yesterday at my local dealer (Lone Star in Austin) and they told me that it was a discontinued item. Seems strange to me....


Has anyone found a source for this touch up color or found a match in generic or other brand touch up paints??


Brian in Austin

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The p/n for the touch- up tube set is 51 91 7 673 638. There are none in the US, but Germany is showing 103 units.


It is indeed NLA (no longer available), and on national freeze.


Typically, this happens when BMW is forced to reformulate paint for the ever-tightening VOC emissions laws (hello, California!)


You might want to try a body shop. Most modern shops have a spectrometer that they use to mix paint. You'd probably have to buy a pint of paint, but at least you'd have some. wink.gif

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