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New Guy Saying Hello


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I just found this site through S-T.N (I've been a poster over there for a while).


I bought a new RT a couple of months ago and have been enjoying it immensely - this looks a great site and a great resource for a newb BMW rider!

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Welcome, You might want to fill in your profile a little

so we can call you something besides Hardware.

Enjoy the ride and don't forget the UNRally is comming

up. thumbsup.gif

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Welcome Comrade. Hope to see you adding more pictures from the True North soon.


BTW, aren't all the "twisties" in Manitoba 90 degree turns? thumbsup.gif

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From one new guy to another... wave.gif


I got my RT late last year and have been lurking here for awhile, it's full of good stuff!

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Just so ya know, since you're the new guy, pictures are ALWAYS requested.


Enjoy the site. There is an enormous wealth of information to be had here.


Looking forward to seeing you on the road sometime. wave.gifwave.gif

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Welcome to you!

I am new as well and since June 07 I have learned a lot from this group.

I was following the evolution of the new "Boxer" motor since 1993. In 2003, I almost bought a 1200 CL .

Than 2007 came and I was decide to test driving the new R 1200RT. At the first approach I didn't like the angular shape of the bike but that feeling disappeared very quickly thanks to the quality and the technology of the bike and also the driving performance. I like my new R 1200RT very very much and is fully loaded without the sound system nor the GPS.

Again, thank you everybody to keep that discussion group alive.



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I'll update my sig block because it looks like I own all those bikes now...


Here's a couple pics of my ride...





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