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UN-III Riding Routes to be Posted?

Ken H.

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If Jamie & Leslie haven’t left all ready and are out of forum contact...


Are you (or does anyone know if) going to post ride route suggestions for this year’s UN-III? The Green easy, purple intermittent, red suggested expert, routes thing. (Or what ever it was last year.) It was nice to study them a bit.


Know you are busy, so don’t put to much stock in this query, just curious.

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There are 4 major routes that I know of leaving from Cody. They are all just as easy or hard as you want to make them. Not too many 10 mph-type curves, but several switchbacks that are comfortable at a low speed, and challenging at a bit faster. I'm sure someone will post some routes (or have them handy at Cody), but if you check your maps, here are the main ones. Mileage and time can be varied by lengthening or shortening them.


1. North - Beartooth Hwy. Head straight northwest out of Cody to US 212 (Beartooth Highway). Turn east and ride to, or near, Red Lodge, turn around and ride all the way to the East Entrance of Yellowstone, or even all the way to Tower Falls, then turn around and backtrack to Cody. Or you can go west first. Or you can take a northern route to Red Lodge, do the whole Beartooth Hwy., then backtrack to Cody.


2. East - Bighorn Mountains. Mainly Rts. 14 and 14A, and if you have lots of time, you can also do 16. 14A is a winner.


3. West - Yellowstone. Get there by way of Beartooth Pass or 14 west, ride throughout the park, and return the same or the other way.


4. West/South - Southeast Yellowstone and The Tetons. Ride US 14 west to Yellowstone, then south on US 89 to the Tetons, possibly Jackson, then return the same way.


All of these rides can be done in a day. The two longest ones would be the Bighorns if you include US 16, and the ride to Jackson and back. Both of those would be about 360 miles. The other routes should be between 250 and 300 miles. Ride only part of the routes, and they can be a lot shorter. Typically, once you get about 30 miles outside of Cody, it's all good. smile.gif

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The east side of Yellowstone is either closed (the northern road Canyon to Tower Junction) or have expected delays of 1/2 per section (at Canyon to Lake and Lake to West Thumb)...(Ref. WyoDOT site and SeanC's map)

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Just some notes on roads to maybe try: ( look at Sean map ) Red Lodge, MT if you like to make round trip back to Cody, one can take MT 308 East out from Red Lodge to Mt hw 72 go South into Wy 120 back to cody! thumbsup.gif Someone may like to try 14A out of Cody up to the Big Horns. Some one going East over to the Black Hills to see Devils Tower, Mt Rushmore ? From Sheridan,Wy take HW 14 to Gillette,Wy nice ride rather than I-90. Round trips over the Big Horns back to Cody: At Ten Sleep one can try 31 from Ten Sleep up to Manderson to Hw 16 to Greybull back to Cody. One can also go to Worland go South to 431 cut across to HW 120 back up to Cody thumbsup.gif

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