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Urban Trials Riding


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I don't know if this has been posted before and if it's in the wrong forum, admins feel free to put in the right one.


I'm used to seeing Trials Riding and think it's awesome and way above my expertise level. But below is a link to video of Trials Riding in the city. This dude is doing stuff I wouldn't attempt on a bicycle let alone a motorcycle.



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BAD A$$.... thumbsup.gif


That looks like some major fun. My old knees would snap in two and my back would hurt, but I am willing to try it thumbsup.gif

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Very cool video.


I've always maintained trials riders arethe most skilled motorcyclists in the world. Rossi or Stoner would not be able to do one circuit of a world trials championship competition, but any one of us could do one lap on a MotoGP bike, even tho it would be slow.

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While the skills are impressive, I have hard time warming up to the property damage aspects of such riding, just as skateboarders tear up the places they treat as their own personal playgrounds.


I sure wouldn't want to see this become a new trend.

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