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2005 BMW F650GS Dakar


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Would 30,000 miles be considered anything to worry about when purchasing a used 2005 650 Dakar?


I'll be you can find a closer dealer. wink.gif

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Have you sat on and ridden one?

Seat height is, well, rather tall.




According to his sig he has a 2006 Dakar and a KTM, so I assume he is tall or owns several ladders grin.gif


30,000 miles is not a lot of miles for the Rotax mill as long as it was maintained properly. 2 friends of mine just did an "around the world" on their F650's (one was a Dakar) and both bikes held up well except for rear shocks, and chain/sprocket stuff.

The little things like steering head, wheel, linkage, & swingarm bearings would warrant further inspection. Chain and sprocket wear should be looked at as it is probably ready for at least a third set by now.

Fork and shock seals/rebuilds are also a possibility with that mileage.

Just look it over carefully, or watch Ebay. I just saw a Dakar with 2000 miles sell a few days ago.

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Never assume. smirk.gif

Richard is; handsome, intelligent, witty, wealthy, hard-working, industrious, excellent rider, charitable, compassionate, dresses well, sings like a professional, and is the captain of his ship.

He may own many ladders, tongue.gif

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I do have an 06 and have no problem with the seat height.I was asking for a friend. Tim you are so wrong in your description of me. I can't sing! grin.gif

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Well, since you have a friend now, I'm leaving. grin.gif

Richard, routine maintenace records, ride impression, fork seal visual inspection and feel, chain/sprocket condition, wheel balance (spokes are fun), etc...

They do more than the standard 650 GS, and can be fun.

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They do more than the standard 650 GS,


EXCEPT! The gearing is slightly lower and they rev higher on the slab. Equates to a little less fuel economy usually and less top end speed.

BTW, just filled up my little GS and got a new high mpg of 72!


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Check the weephole down below the water pump for ooozing. Some owners have needed WP replacement around the 40,000 mark. Also, check oil to make sure it doesn't look like mocha coffee. (WP again) You probably already know about the Chaingang site for help and advice.

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