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Hyperpro Shocks?


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I am considering buying some aftermarket shocks for my RT and was looking at the Hyperpros. For the rear shock they have 2 choices, an emulsion shock and one with a hose mounted reservoir. Can anyone explain the differences in these in simple terms? There is a $300 difference in price and I am wondering if it is worth it.

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The emulsion shock has the gas pressure inside the main shock housing (like your stock shock) - and all the damping adjustments there.


The remote reservoir has the gas, some shock fluid and usually the damping adjustments in a remote reservoir.. making for great oil capacity (which equates to it not heating up as quickly) and usually easier access to the adjustments.



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So do you think the reservoir shock is worth the extra cost? I do not adjust the settings all that much and ride solo mostly. I do increase the preload with luggage about 20% of the time.

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It looks like the remote resevoir shock also has high and low speed compression dampening in addition to the rebound.

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I'm thinking seriously about replacing the shocks and front fork springs on my Blackbird with these. The rear shock is very well regarded in that context as are the progressive rate springs.


Given the $$$ difference, I will still go for the remote reservoir shock for reasons already stated.

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