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Throttle Body Sync


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I have an '07 RT which I bought new in March. The bike ran very rough after a few hundred miles, at the 600 mile service the dealer adjusted the throttle body sync. Now I have 2700 miles and the rough idle is coming back again.


I'm not adverse to buying a twin-max to do this myself, but should it go out of sync so quickly? Does this mean that it wasn't adjust properly at the initial service?


Any advice is appreciated.


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On the hexheads idle sync is controlled by the BMS-K engine management module via stepper motor controlled solenoid air bypass valves. There is nothing for the dealer (or anyone else) to adjust.


If you are having rough idle issues the dealer needs to put it on his GT-1 and see if the steppers, and everything else related are functioning correctly.

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Hi Steve

If ya know how to do the Sync job have at it, But check out the cable connections the tech may not have tightened them good enough,

And yes Ken there is a sync procedure for R model bikes like my 06GS and my 07RT. lurker.gif

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And yes Ken there is a sync procedure for R model bikes like my 06GS and my 07RT
There is no idle sync adjustment procedure. The OP is asking about idle sync, not above idle sync. Which yes, I know, there is a procedure for adjusting the above idle sync.
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