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Mt. Baldy Run


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On Saturday, I went on an early morning run up to Mt. Baldy. It was my first time on a road I had heard lots about, and I wasn't disappointed. After only 25 minutes on the 605 and the 210, we took San Gabriel Canyon Rd. (Rt. 39) to East Fork Road to Glendora Ridge Rd. This road has no centerline, so you have to be careful staying on your side, but the sightlines are amazing. It runs along the top of a ridge that allows you to see 3/4 to 1 mile ahead. No squids, no cages!


Here's an overview:




Best of all, it was the first time I had the chance to see video of me riding. My friend Russ had a Canon Powershot camera mounted on the engine guard and damned if the little thing didn't take some decent video.


Check it out here: Mt. Baldy Run


It's eye-opening to see video for the first time. Feel free to critique my riding. I'm always looking for pointers.

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