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R1200RT vsersus R1200GS


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Thinking of transitioning to GS from RT. RT riding position is a little too forward for my tired old body. What would the differences be? Anyone made this transition? How is the seat on GS? Can this bike chew up highway miles on the way to adventure? Thanks for your input.


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The GS is no less of a "forward riding position" than the RT. If anything it's more so. But the stereotypical 'sit up and beg' riding position is not what riding any BMW bike is about. Do a search here for "MYRP." and after a couple hours of reading you'll see what we're talking about.


ISFA long distance riding the GS is every bit as capable, if abet without some of the protection of the RT.


So if you are thinking about transitioning from the 12GS to the 12RT strictly for a better riding position (or seat) I think you will be disappointed.

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I am with Ken, even though I don't ride either of them.

I tried them both.... loved them both.. and still think my old 1150RT is more comfortable grin.gif

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