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Just wondered if any GS riders are planning any exploring trips around Cody and wouldn't mind a tail. My off road skills are poor so I'm not looking to go mountain climbing or motocross riding, just some gravel or packed dirt kind of stuff so we can see some sites that the others will miss out on.

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I don't have any off-road plans, but given the opportunity, some dirt roads will work for me.


Let's talk when we get there.


I'll be on a silver GS Adventure with Jesse bags and wearing a hi-viz yellow Aerostich. Keep your eyes out for me.

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Cool, Marty and I know each other. I'll be on the scratched up red R12GS with the cobbled up brake master cylinder and missing right front turn signal lens dopeslap.gif

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Why do I feel like the third wheel here always getting in the way. confused.gif


See you guys in Cody and looking forward to seeing Marty's R1200GS. Marty, did you decide on which top case to put on her yet?

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Marty Hill


I've ordered a jesse topcase pizza box for the 1200. Just realized that I will be riding east on the 650gs to cody while the big brother rests in atlanta. Guess that makes me the 3rd wheel or 13th wheel.


See you there.

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Hey Andy, you aren't a third wheel. Heck you have an adventure so you can be the point man on any excursions thumbsup.gif


Marty check out the latest top case available from your local Army Navy surplus. $20.00 and it holds a full face helmet, such a deal clap.gif




Hopefully the Jesse bags will arrive before Friday or I'm going to have a huge pile of stuff on the back of this bike frown.gif

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