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Canbus connection for Navigator III


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I'm trying to install the Navigator III GPS but I can't find the canbus connection to plug it into. I've stripped the bike of all tupperware including, headlights, cockpit, etc. The only thing I haven't taken off is the gas tank. Can anyone describe to me where that miserable plug is??? Your quick response would be greatly appreciated since I've got the bike parked on the center stand in the middle of the living room (air conditioned) with parts neatly organized on the kitchen table and living room furniture. My wife has been ok with it so far but I can sense the storm approaching.


Thanks for your help.


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Ken: Look up the fork tubes from below. You will see a black frame support going from just under the triple clamp to the front headlight / fairing assembly. The harness is zip-tied to the central arm of that support, usually well covered by black tape. It has three wires (red/green/brown I think). Good luck!

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Zep you are the man. I've been looking all around that area but was looking for a white plug. I never would have guessed that was it. Thanks.



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