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Well, after 4 months of research, reading and riding, (and 25 years of being away from riding)I bought a 2007 Titan silver R1200RT from Morton's in VA. Great folks to deal with. The bad part is that I will have to wait four more days to get it since it's still in the crate. It has everything I wanted on it including ESA and TPM. Got the large top case since the wife and I will be doing a lot of touring. Also got the Autocom which I've never used before.

Can hardly wait!! Any new owner advice?

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Congratulations! You're getting a fantactic bike, and you won't find a better dealer anywhere thumbsup.gif


Start saving for farkles, though!

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Let the farkeling begin!! Congrats, I love the new RT. Sand Beige is my prefferance.


I was 24 years without and picked a nice 98 R1100RT, no issues, lots of extras, runs perfect. It's great to be back in the BMW saddle again.







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Suggest you check out some of the posts on returning riders. I had a 17 year lay-off and have found in the last six months of riding that it's a slower process to get back in the swing of things than I would have thought.


Please take it easy and practice basic skills. It really is a wonderful machine, but a little top heavy at low speeds.

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Thanks for the caution. I've spent some time riding a v-Star 1100 and also took the MSF course to get my skills up. And I plan on going back to the course to practice on the RT.

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Would suggest an MSF Basic and ERC courses and the RideSmart or similar course,to get you back into safe riding.

Riding nowdays is a lot different than 25 years ago!


Ride it a bit before you start adding things,that way you will know what you need to improve,if anything.

One of the first things BMW riders change is the sadddles.

If you do,go with Russell,either Mayer brother,Rich's,or Sargent(in that order!)



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The Richmond BMW Riders Club meets the third Sunday of each month at Babe's in Carytown. Breakfasyt is available and there frequently is a ride after the meeting. Their website is www.rbmwr.com.

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Congratulations! I love the new silver! Spend a month or two on the stock seat, but make sure you have some Aleve with you. Start saving right away for the aftermarket seat you will be needing. I went with a Bill Mayer saddle, but there a lots of options out there.


Check out my web site (below) for idea of where to go on an RT!

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