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this is really for the aussie who called me a thief but there is a lesson here for all of us. i had my tires installed at a yamaha dealership . a week and a half ago the front end started to shake. i towed it to the bmw dealer ship. this is what the service manager wrote"found final drive came apart bearing failure,due to not seating wheel@100nm,wheel came loose and made final drive fail and broke caliper and rotor and tone ring"cost rear drive$996 rear disk brake $210 brake caliper $410 sensor ring$55 bolts $43 plus labor total $2300 just wanted to let my aussie friend know i am not a thief. i will never take my bike to any dealership other than a bmw. now i went to the yamaha dealership and talked to the owner. he said he will call me friday. i said fine we can settle it ourselves or go to court either way is ok by me. then i said take care and left.by the by it cost me an additional $560 for a rental car since i just ride and don't own a car. i just rode back from vegas and its 115 degrees. and i left my cellphone at the rental car agency or i lost it. gotta go now and take a xanex

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