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One more thing to mention to a pillion.


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After a stimulating hour at the physiotherapy shop. tongue.gif

I was introduced to a young gal who had been in a 'motorcycle accident'.

She was about 20, nice young gal.

Her story.

She was pillion, for her first ride ever on a bike.

They had gone down some side roads and she had been favorably impressed with the fun of a motorcycle, then the operator went onto the highway and took it up to 120kmh or so, adding a little more thrill to the ride?, and as they were riding she felt her helmet lift up so she lifted both hands to pull it down and re-tighten it and she blew off the back of the bike!


If that had happened around here instead of Manitoba she would have been hit by six transports before she had touched the ground!


As it was she broke two fingers, her foot, some internal injuries but is OK and healing.


Very lucky,

So again what do YOU talk to your pillion about, how about that helmet? What about ATGATT ?

I know this is covered in other posts but just a friendly reminder to make sure you and they know, motorcycling can become a blood sport really fast.

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