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HELP: Ohlins Rebuild Interval


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I installed the Ohlins a looong time ago, like 4 years. I sent the shocks to PPS after the first 20K to be rebuilt. It has been another 40K since the rebuild -- should I send the shocks for rebuild again? The bike is as good as usual, and the process of sending the shocks is a senior hassle. Ohlins recommends rebuild every 20K, but they probably think of track miles, not regular commutes. confused.gif

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I've run my Ohlins a great long time between overhauls. Much longer than recommended. Does the rebound damper adjustment still have definite clicks when you try to move it? I've been told that the clicks are a side effect of the nitrogen charge in the shock. When the clicks become indistinct or missing, the charge is gone and service is necessary. The choice is yours.



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I like your answer. thumbsup.gif Yes, I still have definite clicks on the damp adjuster. The only badness that I have is on the preload adjustment -- there are about 8 free turns. I originally sent for rebuild after 20K because of the 8 free turns in the preload adjuster, thinking that fluid had escaped the unit. Now that the story repeats after 40K, I am going to assume that this is normal. The shocks seem to work just fine.

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Eckhard Grohe

Preload adjuster dead band also happens with the stock one. Some people refill them. I haven't yet though it needs it.

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