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ZUMO 550 MP3 Help


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I have been lurking and learning on the site for a while. Thank you. I have been trying to hold stupid questions for a while, but I ran out of luck today and hope you folks can help. I bought a Zumo 550 from DigiBuy (thanks to this site). I installed a 2gb Ultra II Sandisk memory card today. I dragged and dropped music from my pc to the F:drive memory stick for a couple of hours, or until the stick only showed about 50mg left. I disconnected the Zumo from my pc and was anxious to hear the tunes...To my surprize when I go into the Zumo MP3 mode, the songs are not there, just the factory loaded songs. When I connect the Zumo back to my pc the F:drive shows all the songs. Any ideas.


2005 R1150RT and 1979 R100RT with a whopping 14,000 miles since new.



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By chance are you using ITunes and their default encoding? Zumo only recognizes files with an .mp3 extension.

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Not using ITunes, but did figure out it is the MP3 file issue. When I copied my cd's to an external drive with Windows Media player it looks like I have wav. files. Experimenting with wav to mp3 conversion software. I am looking for the right one to buy. Would prefer a disc vs.s downloading from the internet. Heading to the software store tomorrow. Thanks.

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yep thats definitely your problem. had the same issue but I was using itunes luckily i tunes lets you go in and convert from mp4 back to mp3. was pulling what hair i have left out at the time. I also found all my answers from zumo forums lots of knowledge over there.

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