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In another thread, there is a discussion about the RT gas gauge. Bars not working after fill-up, not accurate, etc. etc.


I have this exact problem. 150 miles into a tank I have 1 bar showing. First time it happened it was a little un-settling. The reserve "light" still comes on with a gallon left, so I've grown accustomed to it and it's really not a big deal.


Took the bike in for an 18K service and asked the service writer to have the tech look at the gauge problem while they had it. The bike still has 5 months left of factory warranty.


I received no phone calls today so I figured all was good in beemerland.


Called the dealer to inform them I could not pick up the bike until tomorrow a.m. and asked what the total price was?


$100 more than quoted for the 18K. Seems the tech found no problem and I was now saddled with paying for his time. Remember the warranty part?


$100 is not a lot of money, and I'm not mad at the dealer, I love those guys. thumbsup.gif but would it not have been to much to tell me up front that if no problem was found I would be held liable for the techs work?


Am I out of line? What do you think?

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I'd be more upset that they couldn't find the problem. If you're already $100 into it, why not just go ahead and replace the sending unit?

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Hadn't thought of that angle Quinn, the bike was already re-assembled when I called. The tank was removed and checked somehow but I was never called......


Remember the warranty part? confused.gif

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Is it not a problem because an inaccurate fuel gauge doesn't affect the operation of the motorcycle, or is it not a problem because an inaccurate fuel gauge is acceptable to BMW?


Either way, I think they should have let you know there would be an additional charge above and beyond what was quoted, but if the "Problem" still exists, I think they owe you the $100 plus fix the fuel gauge.



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I would speak with them ASAP. I for one always make it a point to say: CALL ME FIRST before you do anything beyond what I have asked or if it will cost me more $$. My RT does not show the fill up right away after start up. It may take a mile or two to get it up to par. Does bug a little..not so much that I want it fixed. $100.00 is a lot of money in the long run if everyone gets away with it.

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In your situation, I feel it's appropriate to ask for a rebate if there was a special charge to check out the proper operation of the fuel gauge on a bike under warantee. Should the dealer feel otherwise, I'd feel warranted to ask for mediation about the charge with the area Service Reprentative. Were that refused, I'd write to the BMWNA Customer Service VP.



Best wishes.

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Calvin  (no socks)

I'm a shop foreman in the auto dealarship biz. With a customer complaint we must verify the conditions that a problem occurs. The ambient temperature may be a factor, how long after starting before occurence. How many times a day...etc. Can I reproduce this problem?.. (Zero dollars labor).


After discovering the critera that are needed to reproduce the problem it is just a matter of repair connection/replace component/or the rare (No Problem Found) this last one requires my signature or the Service Managers. ( Zero Dollars)... Fixed right the first time...

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