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Oxtar boots


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Anyone have or try the new Oxtar Air Tech XCR Touring Boot?

Goretex, waterproof, vented touring boots. I saw them at my dealer today.





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I got a pair a couple weeks ago and have ridden with them three times in up to 90 degree temps. They are cooler than similar boots that don't have the "mesh." I have not tried them in rain yet, but they do have a Gore Tec liner so they should be waterproof.


I noticed the soles seem quite slippery. When I lean off the bike, the foot on the opposite side of the lean wants to slip. I don't have that with any of my other boots. Perhaps they just need some break-in time, but it makes you think a bit.

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I might suggest you try them on in person rather then ordering. They seemed the boot I really wanted but when I tried them on, the left one fit perfect but the right one was way too big. Tried on a second pair, same thing. I've heard it said that everyone has one foot a different size then the other but this is the first time I've experienced anything like this. Instead I bought a pair of their lower cut vented Jupiter boots. Not exactly what I had in mind but cool and comfortable and fit very well. Noticed pretty quickly that the soles can slip on the foot peg though.

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Cant go wrong with SIDI boots,, thumbsup.gif


I just bought a pair of Sidi Canyons. They are the mutts nuts (although expensive as hell).

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I tried a pair of Oxtars for ~6000 miles. One thing I noticed was that the toe box was narrow and the ends of the boot came to a pretty sharp point. They started making my toes cramp up so I just got a different pair of Rev'It fusions. They are wider and not so acute on the toe angle so my small toe is not jammed as much; also a good price. Not all Oxtars may be cut this way - just wanted to let ya know my experience. thumbsup.gif


Left: Rev'It --- Right: Oxtar


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I bought a pair a few weeks ago, just after the RA Rally in Asheville.


I wear them almost everyday commuting to and from work as well as when riding any other time.


I like them a lot. They keep my feelt cool but they are not breezy. You will not feel air flowing through them. Instead, you'll realize that you're feet aren't hot or sweaty.



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