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?? Centerstand Shorter , anyone know how.


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I would like to shorten my centerstand to match my shorter Wilbur shocks. Right now, at home I park it on built-up platform open in the middle, where stand lowers, if I am going to raise it onto stand. But for on the road use in case of need , it is difficult , and not as safe I am sure because of bike being more up in the air.

The lowering lever used to put stand down sits horizonal when lowered. So the problem is getting this lever part of stand accessable. If you just shorten stand lever comes to below the footpeg when in the up position so you can't get to it. And the angle has to be such that it will not hit ground before the 2 stand posts do.

Has anyone seen how this could be done. If you angled the lever part to still be reachable for lowering the stand it would hit the ground and stop the stand from fully extending.

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