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yuasa battery

Bob McKee

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I'm looking for a sealed battery for my wife's '97 1100R. I've used Odysseys in the past, but the PC680s are all on back order everywhere I call. Found the Yuasa YTX20HL-BS as an alternative. Does anyone have any experience with this battery? How does it work with a Battery Tender? How does it fit? Does it require an adapter? Any help would be appreciated.



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Within the last month , while as you say everyone has been out, I got an Odessey (sp ?) from PPS portable power supply.

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Yuasa is THE major battery manufacturer in Japan. High quality.


You might also want to look at the Panasonic line of AGM (no leak, no vent, maintenance-free) batteries. They are available from Digikey for an EXCELLENT price, delivered to your door.


I bought a Panasonic 28 A-H AGM a few weeks ago from DigiKey. 36 hours later, the battery was at my door. Cost includes shipping. The bike has never cranked over so damn fast!

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I recently put a Yuasa in my 2000 RTP, works fine. I didn't plan ahead for an Oddessey so I got what was in stock. Would like to try Odd or the Panasonic sometime.

Ya only need a battery onest in a while anyhoo! dopeslap.gif

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