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Did you practice the lollipop after buying your new bike???


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We call this the lollipop test. It is a simple way for the guv'ment to test your slow speed skillz.


I ran my new beemer over to the DMV on Sunday (day after buying the bike), and ran it thru the lollipop test twice. Nailed it both times easily, no feet touching the ground - the K1200GT is very easy to handle at parking lot speeds.


If you can not handle this simple test, then you should practice until it is easy for you.


I generally think of a biker as skilled when they can perform a flawless parking job in a crowded situation - anyone can navigate a bunch of smooth sweepers, but not anyone can skillfully make a U-turn & then park on a steep hill, for example.


Just MHO, of course - and I am known as an idiot on this board, so my $0.02 probably ain't worth much

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so my $0.02 probably ain't worth much
Not true. Anything that adds to the collective wisdom is good stuff. Thanks for posting!
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I'd say it's a good idea to practice the lollipop as well as any other maneuvers one can think of. Whether it's parking at a bike-night without looking like a noob or dodging a truck, it all pays off. It's something that I do constantly. (Both practicing and dodging.)





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