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PIAA 1000 XT lights-One down


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A few years ago we installed subject lights on the RT. Mounted on the forks just inside the plastic they have served me well since 05. One of them is out. Does this unit have to be removed and disassembled to get at the bulb?

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Just had one burn out myself. Just remove the two side mount screws and remove light from bike. Here is a link:



I pryed the PIAA lense off of the MR16 bulb and replaced the bulb with a $7.00 50W bulb out of my outdoor lighting inventory. I just applied gasket sealer to the old glass lense and attached it to the new MR16 as I refuse to pay $44.00 for a $7.00 bulb. Just do not touch the new bulb with skin contact (oil). I wear latex gloves when working with Halogen bulbs.

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