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Left cam tensioner parts


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So I need replace the stock tensioner on my 00, been checking the threads, seems easy enough.

But just want to make sure I have the part numbers straight to do the left, the right will happen this winter.



1--07119963308 seal ring

1--11317656922 piston

1--11317688629 cylinder

also I'll install,,,

1--13541341797 T-body oring

1--13642351881 injector bottom

1--13641730767 injector top


Is this all I need ?

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Stan Walker

The first four numbers are identical to what I just ordered from Chicago BMW.


Can't speak for the last two.



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FYI this little tool that fits in a socket is the perfect tool for the job. Just did mine two weeks ago.

I bought it at Sears. Also note that the new part takes a smaller socket than the old part.


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Can't speak for the last two.




I should have labeled them o-rings too, I figured I'd replace those because I'm in there.

thanks all

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