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Long Feeler Gauges like Jim VonBiden


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After previewing the excellent R1200 Maintenance DVD, I used the technques therein to breeze through a valve adjustment on my GF's 2004 R1150R. However, I'm still using individual Wurth feeler gauges - you know, the ones with the color-coded handles. What Jim did on the DVD was to use one long feeler gauge for each respective side (exhaust and intake,) spanning the length between both valves on that side. In this way, pulling on the gauge from the middle, he could really feel if both valves on that respective side were identically set. Sure seems more accurate than using two separate gauges, at least for this newbie. So tell me - where can I get a set of longer gauges like this? The local auto parts store had nothing, so I'm all ears!



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