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as you can see from the picture, it looks like there should be five connections taking place, any one know how this should be wired? Thanks for any help!


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Is that one specifically for the bike you're trying to install it in? I'm assuming it's for your 1150RT.

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If no one ends up helping you on this, I can disassemble mine this evening, but it's 100 degrees today and would like to wait until it cools down. blush.gif


Mines a 1100RT, so I would assume they wire the same. confused.gif

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Thanks for the reply.. So far I am assuming that the switched power would go to the power terminal on the L.E.D. and then the brake lite would get it's power from the L.E.D. brake terminal. I would think there would have to be a ground for both the brake lite and the L.E.D. (so that would take care of the 3 terminals on the L.E.D. but I'm not sure what get's wired to the blue and white leads comming from the L.E.D.) I'll wait to hear from you. Thanks again for your efforts thumbsup.gif

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Yes Steve, it's for my 04 RT. I've tried contacting the manufacture but no one seems to be home.

They are not a "manufacturer" in the usual sense. Just a couple of guys in a garage, the last time I heard.

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YOU are the MAN! The clouds of confusion have parted and I can finally get things wired up without worry of smoke testing a little computer chip.

Thanks for all your help


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