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To start, I am not a hiker or a writer for that matter but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express Last night. grin.gif

Saturday I headed north on I93 only to slam into a wall of weekend traffic in Concord NH. It broke my spirit so I took the next exit which happened to be the same exit where Freedom Cycle is located, Man toy heaven I tell ya! I stopped in for a look. They sell Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM, Ski-doo, Artic Cat, & Can-am. Of course I didn’t think to take out my camera. They had the new KTM 690sm there, looks like a mosquito to me, but I would still love to own one.


I made my way back to the interstate & the northbound traffic was flowing much better. Ok, back in the game! I took exit 24 in Ashland & picked up RT 113 towards Sandwich. A few miles down the road you will see a parking area on the left. I parked & picked up the trail head across the road. There was two older couples that were heading up at the same time so I hurried by them so I didn’t have to pass them on the way up. Well let me tell ya, I almost had a MI trying to stay ahead of them. It wasn’t until I was half way up the trail before the ladies voices faded enough where I could slow & catch my breath. blush.gif Man, I need to eat more Granola! grin.gif




This is the view at the top, well worth the effort. Squam Lake & all it’s beauty. I’m sure most know this is where they filmed On Golden Pond.








After leaving the overlook I continued on 113 to 113a, both roads are well worth riding.




The next stop was Echo Lake State Park in North Conway NH. The great thing about this place is you can get to it without fighting the traffic in N.Conway. The other thing is that you can ride to the summit. No sweat equity necessary.




The view from the top is overlooking the Saco River & White Mountain National Forest.





Sometimes the obvious just needs to be stated.


As I was leaving the overlook I passed a rather large man with a handlebar mustache. We nodded in respect to one another, knowing each other were bikers. Now I’m not certain, but if I had to guess, this was his ride in the parking area.


This is just another assumption, but I bet if asked, nine out of ten of the people hanging off the side of that seven hundred foot rock wall would say, I’m crazy for riding that motorcycle. Go figure.








After leaving Cathedral Ledge I picked up RT153s. I’ve mentioned this road before; it’s so much more fun to ride than rt16. I stopped at a little picnic area on Crystal Lake in Eaton Center. I’m sorry to have to say this but some slob left their trash all over this nice area. It’s hard to understand that mindset.




RT 153 intersects with RT25. I took 25e into Cornish ME to see if the Lobster roll I had a month earlier was as good as I remembered. It was.




After eating, it was just under two hours until I was home. Just in time to feed the dog & take out the trash. I guess we all have to pay a little. thumbsup.gif



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Wonderful report and photos! Thanks ! thumbsup.gif


Lobster roll looks delicious...... but how do you eat it!? blush.gif

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I’m sorry to have to say this but some slob left their trash all over this nice area. It’s hard to understand that mindset. 100_6106.jpg


Very nice, but you should be more careful with your captions grin.gif

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Pat, great write up and pictures. Having grown up in Connecticut this has me yearning for New England.

Thanks. (I think) grin.gif

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